Top 52 Quotes of Brock Osweiler

I’m just concerned with winning, not individual accolades. -Brock Osweiler
As coaches say, it’s about finding your role. We’re coming together as a team. -Brock Osweiler
I was a very passionate basketball player, really enjoyed the sport. I played it my entire life. -Brock Osweiler
When there’s pressure, I believe people will break under it or a diamond will be created. -Brock Osweiler
If you stay present and don’t look too far ahead – or in the rearview mirror – everything will work out. -Brock Osweiler
I’m a guy that learns from making mistakes. Sometimes that’s not the best way to learn, but that’s how I learn. -Brock Osweiler
When you play a great team like the Patriots, you can only kick so many field goals and stay in the game. -Brock Osweiler
When I make a mistake once, it’s usually not going to happen again. -Brock Osweiler
I think anytime you put the weight of the world on yourself saying, ‘I have to perform,’ or, ‘I have to get a completion. I have to throw a touchdown,’ nine times out of 10, I think you’re going to fail. -Brock Osweiler
I’m always going to try to win with a positive mindset. -Brock Osweiler
It starts with me. I have to get the team in the right play and throw the ball where it’s supposed to go. -Brock Osweiler
As someone who loves being on the field with his teammates, it’s hard to hear that you’re not going to be the one playing. -Brock Osweiler
My wife will act as the offensive coordinator at times during the evening. I’ll have her read the full play to me. I’ll sit there and try to picture it, spit it back out to her, make sure I’m verbalizing it the right way so that when I step into the huddle the next day in practice, things are coming out clear. -Brock Osweiler
My mentality is that no matter how good or bad the previous play was, move on to the next one. -Brock Osweiler
There’s nothing that can replace learning on the field. -Brock Osweiler
I have great respect for Greg Knapp, who was my quarterbacks coach in Denver for three years. He taught me so much about playing quarterback in the NFL and made me a better football player. -Brock Osweiler
I have nothing but love for my time I spent in Denver, and appreciation, and gratitude. -Brock Osweiler
I think one thing as far as my learning curve and what I’m learning – there is a time to take a sack, and then there is also a time to try to find a way to maybe throw the ball at a receiver’s feet. -Brock Osweiler
The emotions can take you out of a game. -Brock Osweiler
You need to have laser focus on doing your job. -Brock Osweiler
It’s always a good situation to have the target be on you because that means you have been playing well. -Brock Osweiler
I would need a book to describe Jamal Miles. He can do it all. We line him up in the slot. We bring him into the backfield. We hand the ball to him. We send him in motion and get him the ball. He throws the football. He might be the best athlete I’ve ever been around in my life. -Brock Osweiler
We all know that the NFL is the best of the best, and there’s great competition across the board, so any time you’re hurt or something like that, and another guy gets his opportunity, he’s going to try to make the most of it. -Brock Osweiler
I have tremendous respect for coach Gary Kubiak. I love that guy. -Brock Osweiler
I could probably stand up and have a press conference and thank 100 guys within that Denver organization, along with all those teammates I played with. -Brock Osweiler
I have a mentality of not worrying about what people say about me, good or bad. That’s not what I’m putting my energy into. -Brock Osweiler
I have a mentality of not worrying about what people say about me, good or bad. That’s not what I’m putting my energy into. -Brock Osweiler
I’ve always been a leader. If someone was getting picked on in school, I’d try to deflate that situation by inviting that kid to eat lunch with me. I’ve always tried to be a uniter. -Brock Osweiler
Coming to Houston was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. -Brock Osweiler
I had a tremendous four seasons there in Denver, and you know, those are four years that I’ll always hold very close to my heart. -Brock Osweiler
My biggest deal is I just want to do my job. -Brock Osweiler
Coach Godsey is a brilliant mind, a great teacher, and it’s been fun learning from him so far. -Brock Osweiler
What quarterback doesn’t like some speed on the outside? -Brock Osweiler
The whole key about the no-huddle is getting first downs because if you’re getting three-and-out, it kind of defeats the purpose. -Brock Osweiler
No-huddle is something that I’m very comfortable with. -Brock Osweiler
Coach Knapp is a tremendous quarterbacks coach. -Brock Osweiler
With all due respect to Coach O’Brien and Coach Godsey, I’ve told them I’m going to be me. -Brock Osweiler
I’m going to be who I am and believe in what I bring to the table every day. -Brock Osweiler
I’m not here to be a puppet, if you will. -Brock Osweiler
If anybody knows that you need to be prepared regardless of the situation, that’s me. -Brock Osweiler
It’s a basketball thing, I think. I said I was just over 6’7,” and they made it 6’8″, and it’s always kind of been that way. -Brock Osweiler
Decisions need to be made in milliseconds out on the field, and you need to almost know what the other guy is thinking and exactly what he’s going to do. -Brock Osweiler
There’s not a lot of time to have conversations on the field during the game. That’s where the trust and the practice comes into play, through practice, through off-site throwing sessions; that’s where you build that trust and build that cohesion with a wide receiver. -Brock Osweiler
I have tremendous respect for both John Elway and Peyton Manning as people and as quarterbacks in the NFL, but I was not concerned one bit with playing in their shadow. -Brock Osweiler
I feel like too many guys get wrapped up in this image that a quarterback is supposed to have, and I’ve never bought into that. -Brock Osweiler
Football is a game you’re supposed to have fun in. -Brock Osweiler
I get too hyped before games. -Brock Osweiler
I play very, very emotional. That’s just my style. -Brock Osweiler
I’ve always approached the game, going back to when I got drafted in 2012 to Denver, like I was going to be the starter. That’s how you have to prepare, whether you are first string, second string or third string, because you never know when something is going to happen to the guy in front of you. -Brock Osweiler
I had a tremendous one season playing for Coach Kubiak, and I have nothing but great things to say about him as a person and a coach. -Brock Osweiler
Every quarterback feels like he has something to prove. -Brock Osweiler
I have always been the tallest guy in my class, going back to first grade. Announcers have always had fun with it. -Brock Osweiler

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