Top 12 Christopher Durang Quotes

Laughter can bring a new perspective. -Christopher Durang
I didn’t have a teacher like Sister Mary Ignatius. -Christopher Durang
Since it’s based on my parents, it’s more emotionally close to me than some of my more surreal plays. And then I like the balance of the comic and the sad. It should play as funny, but you should care about the characters and feel sad for them. -Christopher Durang
My parents didn’t really know one another. -Christopher Durang
My father knew the charming side of my mother, and my mother thought that he was attentive and pleasant and was an architect, which was a respectable profession, but I don’t think that they actually got to know one another deeply. -Christopher Durang
When my parents separated, I was very grateful. -Christopher Durang
I grew up wanting to be a writer for theatre. -Christopher Durang
Then in college I became obsessed with film, and wanted to be part of that. -Christopher Durang
On the one hand, I’m grateful to be hired and thrilled to be paid. -Christopher Durang
Since I also act, sometimes I get over my resentment and commit to the pitch as an acting job. -Christopher Durang
My biggest problem with organized religion is that God has been imagined as a human being with emotions. I feel if you let go of that, then it’s possible to see God as a force, to connect to him or her spiritually. -Christopher Durang
I never graduated to being an atheist. I only graduated to being an agnostic. -Christopher Durang

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