Requirements to place an advertisement on Facebook?

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I know you are eagerly waiting to show ads on Facebook as others show to you. Technically, It’s very simple to launch. To start advertising on Facebook, you should know what are all need.

Go to your Facebook account and see your timeline where you can see your friend’s update. For every 5 or 10 updates, you can see one sponsored post. Yes, that’s an advertisement. Just look into the below image Top to bottom. It’s the screenshot of my advertisement.

Yes, the first thing you are seeing is the Brand Name, which is called page name. So, if you keen to run ads on Facebook, you should have Facebook Page.

Below the page name and sponsored mention, you are seeing a big description its called primary text

After Primary Text, you are seeing image or video, its called as Media

Then, you are seeing Website, Headline and Call to Action.

Once you are clear and make ready the above things, you are set to launch ads. But, to whom you will show this attractive ad?

Stay tuned. You will get to know how to target right audience.

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