Best 9 Elizabeth Vargas Quotes

I think there’s nothing better in the world than a spirited discussion about the Bible and Jesus and God and the Catholic faith, or the Jewish faith, or the Muslim faith – any religion. -Elizabeth Vargas
We’re way overdue on a woman sitting in one of those Big Three chairs. -Elizabeth Vargas
Six months ago, I traveled to India to see firsthand what the prime minister of that country calls a national shame. It is the systematic, widespread, shocking elimination of India’s baby girls. Some 50,000 female fetuses are aborted every month in India. -Elizabeth Vargas
It’s estimated that one million girls in India ‘disappear’ every year. -Elizabeth Vargas
For now, for this year, I need to be a good mother. -Elizabeth Vargas
I am not a pregnant working mother wronged. -Elizabeth Vargas
I worked in three local news markets and in every single one of them, they said: ‘You’re a lousy anchor. We would love to renew your contract and have you be our lead reporter here, but we’re not going to have you anchor.’ -Elizabeth Vargas
You know, guys, it is possible for two women to work together and get along. -Elizabeth Vargas
I’m praying we don’t go to war with Iraq. If we do, I may have to go back to work earlier. -Elizabeth Vargas

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