Top 52 Nicola Sturgeon Quotes

It’s not opinion polls that determine the outcome of elections, it’s voted in ballot boxes. -Nicola Sturgeon
Sometimes things happen in life, sometimes they don’t. Don’t get me wrong: I have no regrets – if I could turn the clock back 10 or 20 years, I wouldn’t want to fundamentally change the path my life has taken. -Nicola Sturgeon
I consider myself a selfie specialist. -Nicola Sturgeon
Polls can change; people’s opinions can change. Voting intentions can change, and I think it would be a silly leader, a silly political party, that would assume that we have it sewn up. -Nicola Sturgeon
If there is a ‘Leave’ vote in England and across the U.K. as a whole, then we see the reins of power being seized by politicians who are on the right of the Conservative party. -Nicola Sturgeon
I think it is important the communities are listened to and that their voice is heard, particularly with local government boundaries more than parliamentary boundaries, because you are talking very much about communities. It can be a very emotive thing. -Nicola Sturgeon
The importance of education is ingrained in Scottish history. -Nicola Sturgeon
The oil and gas sector in the North Sea does have a strong future if we do the right things now, but we’ve got to make sure that the infrastructure is right to support the sector, but also to support, over the next few years, diversification as well. -Nicola Sturgeon
I’m quite hypercritical of myself. It’s a very Scottish thing, always thinking that you’ve got to be that bit better than everyone else to be good enough. -Nicola Sturgeon
The SNP became a minority government in 2007, then a majority one in 2011. But Labour viewed what was happening as some kind of aberration. They felt the problem wasn’t theirs: they didn’t have to change; the Scottish people had just gone down this wrong road, and if they waited long enough, they would find their way back. -Nicola Sturgeon
American companies based in Scotland employ large numbers of people – in fact, we are the best performing part of the U.K., outside London and the southeast of England when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment. -Nicola Sturgeon
One of the attributes Glasgow is best known for all over the world is the friendliness of her people. -Nicola Sturgeon
I know you’ve got to earn people’s trust, and you’ve got to earn it day after day after day. -Nicola Sturgeon
Haggis is delicious. It is wonderful. It’s spicy, it’s tasty, and you get vegetarian haggis as well. -Nicola Sturgeon
One thing we’ve learned is that there’s not anything that Nigel Farage won’t blame on foreigners. -Nicola Sturgeon
Our opposition to Trident is very clear, very firm, very long-standing, very principled, and we would seek to build an alliance to prevent the renewal of Trident. -Nicola Sturgeon
Scotch beef, salmon and shellfish are recognised the world over for their excellence and Scottish provenance. People recognise the Scottish brand. They associate the country with quality food and drink, and clearly other Scottish sectors, such as dairy, can benefit from that, too. -Nicola Sturgeon
There is nothing in your background that inherently holds you back or means you can’t achieve what others can achieve. You are the master of your own fate, and if you work hard, you can do what you want. -Nicola Sturgeon
Sporting success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes hard work and determination on the part of the individual athletes. And it also takes investment in facilities and training support. -Nicola Sturgeon
I’ve not had a deliberate image makeover. -Nicola Sturgeon
At these big set-piece events like the leaders’ debates, that exterior of calm and serenity is nothing compared to what’s going on inside most of the time. -Nicola Sturgeon
Let us put the normal divisions of politics aside. Let us come together as one country; let us seize this historic moment to shift the balance of power from the corridors of Westminster to the streets and communities of Scotland. -Nicola Sturgeon
My pledge to you is that the SNP will put women and gender equality right at the heart of the Westminster agenda. -Nicola Sturgeon
I think the first decision I took when I became a government minister was to reverse the planned closure of Monklands Accident and Emergency. It’s an issue close to my heart. -Nicola Sturgeon
People who think of a nationalist party sometimes think ‘inward-looking and parochial.’ The kind of nationalism I represent is the opposite of that. -Nicola Sturgeon
Many people from many different walks of life have marriages that break up, and those are deeply personal, deeply painful but ultimately private matters. -Nicola Sturgeon
I’m not going to do anything that heralds in a Tory government. -Nicola Sturgeon
As a young woman in politics, with few women around, you start to subconsciously behave like men in politics. That comes across as quite hard, tough and humorless, but you’re trying to be taken seriously. -Nicola Sturgeon
There’s nothing in my background that would have said I was destined to be a senior politician. -Nicola Sturgeon
I don’t cook very often. Actually, I’d go further: I can’t cook. -Nicola Sturgeon
I think you should always aim for more. -Nicola Sturgeon
I drove my mum and dad mad. -Nicola Sturgeon
What a war in Iraq will not do is bring about peace in the Middle East or end the injustices that feed resentment and breed terrorists. -Nicola Sturgeon
One of Ed Miliband’s shadow ministers has said he would never vote for the renewal of Trident. -Nicola Sturgeon
Do I look like one of the most dangerous women in Britain? Come on! -Nicola Sturgeon
The decision on whether there is another referendum is down to the Scottish people. -Nicola Sturgeon
I’ve never had a voice coach, but I am about to name drop horrendously here: I did once get some advice on how to project my voice from Sean Connery, which was lovely. It’s all about where you breathe. That’s my claim to fame. -Nicola Sturgeon
I and Alex Salmond are not in competition – we are on the same side; we are on the same team, working together. -Nicola Sturgeon
Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, it is possible for other parties to change the direction of a government without bringing a government down. -Nicola Sturgeon
A minority government can’t govern without support from other parties. -Nicola Sturgeon
As a veteran of many campaigns, I know how important it is not let up in the last few days. -Nicola Sturgeon
I’m a politician, and as you know, politicians are rarely very funny. -Nicola Sturgeon
Thatcher was the motivation for my entire political career. I hated everything she stood for. -Nicola Sturgeon
I thought if people were going to talk about what I wear, wouldn’t it be good if they were talking about who designed it, who made it and if that’s a Scottish company, so teaming up with Totty Rocks has been fantastic. -Nicola Sturgeon
It still annoys me when I read really derogatory things about how a woman looks because you would usually not read these things about a man, and that still has the potential to put women off public life. -Nicola Sturgeon
Men – the colour of their tie is the most difficult decision they have to make every day. -Nicola Sturgeon
Twitter’s probably my bad habit. -Nicola Sturgeon
I believe we should support people to live, and I am therefore in favour of good quality palliative care. -Nicola Sturgeon
London has a centrifugal pull on talent, investment and business from the rest of Europe and the world. That brings benefits to the broader U.K. economy. -Nicola Sturgeon
Equality and prosperity shouldn’t be seen as enemies of each other, but as partners. One reinforces the other. -Nicola Sturgeon
I am a social democrat – I believe in pursuing greater equality and tackling social justice – but… you can’t do that unless you have got a strong economy, unless you have got a vibrant business base earning the wealth that makes that possible. -Nicola Sturgeon
The total impact of the Tory/Liberal tax, welfare and public spending changes has hit the poorest 10% in society disproportionately hard – and women have been affected even more badly than men. -Nicola Sturgeon