Facebook Marketing Training and Step by Step Guide

Facebook Marketing Training in Recorded Webinar [Watch Now]

All marketers and business owners are keen to building cyber assets such as websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube brand channels and so on — only because competitors seems to be doing same. They are not into the strategy or the proper execution. The outcome such properties are diffuse and disorient their brand, and confuse customers.

Strategy is very important before you implement anything on the internet, integrates all offline and online brand assets. It should be accounted which medium are incrementing business.

This training will definitely help you achieve these outcomes. It will give you a clear understanding of the building strong Facebook marketing strategies step by step, and equip you with the tools, the important techniques and the knowledge to develop cohesive marketing strategies, and execute effective Facebook marketing campaigns.

What you will learn in this Free Facebook Marketing Training Webinar?

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social media site that helps you to connect with colleagues, family members and friends online. Originally The Facebook developed for college students in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University. From 2006, anyone with a valid email address and over the age of 13 could join this social giant. Today, Facebook.com is the largest social media network in the world, with more than 2.5 billion active users .

What are the Uses of Facebook?

  • Facebook allows, its registered members to create profiles, upload photos and video in their timeline, send messages via messenger, discuss(comments) on friends timeline updates and keep in touch with their friends, family members and colleagues.
  • Can sell your products using Facebook Marketplace or Facebook Ads
  • Can earn money by using Facebook’s Creator Studio and Page by updating unique Videos.

What are the Features in Facebook?

  • Individual Account – Connect with Friends, colleagues, and family.
  • Messenger – allows members to chat with friends and unknown members
  • Marketplace – allows to sell, buy, and enquire to classified ads.
  • Groups – Its a Social community for the people who are all having the same thought process.
  • Events  – allows members to list an event, invite guests and identify who plans to attend.
  • Pages – allows to create and promote a public page for a specific reason.
  • Ads Manager or Facebook For Business

Individual Account in Facebook

  • In Facebook you can add Friends up to 5000 members, you can’t add more than 5000 members in your friend’s list. those who want to be your friend over 5000 people already you have connected, they can be your followers
  • Can share thoughts, feelings, photographs, videos, and more on your timeline. Also, you can set privacy like who can see your updates.
  • Can chat individually or as a group in messenger.
  • Can watch Video using Facebook Watch
  • Can create and participate in groups related to you.
  • Can follow and interact business pages using a timeline, messenger, and more.

What is Facebook Messenger? A step by step Guide

It is Chat Feature Where members can chat with their friends. In messnger you can see two options,

Recent inbox in Facebook Messenger

Where you can see all the messages you are involved and your friends sent. It’s like an Inbox in Email. If your friend’s messages, you will get notified instant.

Message Request in Facebook Messenger

Where you can see all the messages sent by anonymous persons to you. i.e, the person who is sending not contact with you at any way in Facebook. You will not get notified, if you receive messages from unknown persons to you. Its like a spam folder in email. Its your responsibility to check accordingly.

Conclusion: Do not send any marketing messages to unknown people. Its time waste and your profile may get blacklisted from using Facebook.

What is Facebook Events?

Facebook event is a calendar-based feature which can be used to inform users of upcoming events to friends, fans or followers of a page. The Events at Facebook can be listed by anyone, and can set privacy to access information by anyone or private. The organizer can invite their friends, fans/followers of a page and members of a group.

How to list Event on Facebook?

Go to your page and Choose Event
Fill necessary information about your event and Publish Event

How to promote Event on Facebook?

What is Facebook Watch?

You can find videos and original shows on Facebook Watch with any subjects like news, comedy, entertainment, sports, health, and more. Facebook Watch TV app is used to watch FB videos on TV. Just download it.

What is Marketplace on Facebook?

Facebook Marketplace is an open platform to buy and sell new and used physical products, sell, and rent any properties by many Facebook users. This feature is not open to all. But, more than 800 million users using it.

How to use Marketplace as buyer?

  • Anybody who has access to the marketplace can search the products they are looking for using search and category filters.
  • The Marketplace doesn’t have any payment option to buy using the online payment method, so you have to settle payments directly to the seller in person or any outside payment method. So, its the buyer’s responsibility to double-check the seller’s trust score.
  • The available ways to communicate sellers are Messenger and Whatsapp.
  • Marketplace product description Page where you can contact using messenger by clicking on the send button. If you want to ask any other question, you can change the message and send. Also, you are allowed to see some of the seller’s information.

How to list product in Facebook Marketplace?

1 ) Go to Marketplace on your Facebook

2) Click on + Sell Something

3) Choose Item for Sale or Properties for Sale or Rent.

4) Update product information and Click Next. (Make sure that your image does not have text more than 20%.)

5) Select where this product has to be shared instead of Marketplace alone and Publish.

Choose the groups to publish this product to get more faster and higher reach and click on Publish button

How to promote on Marketplace?

Step 1: Click on selling to view all the products you have listed.

Step 2: Click on Boost Listing at the right side of the listing you keen to promote using paid ads.

Step 3: Select End Date of your ad and Total Budget. At the right End Click on Save Changes or Boost Listing.

What is Facebook Group?

  • Its an Social community for the people who are all having same thought process.
  • Its not a place to post ads
  • It’s a place to have healthy discussion as per groups category.
  • But, members can market their products and services by updating success stories, participating others queries, testimonials and more indirect way.

Uses of Facebook Groups

  • It provides more personal engagement to other members of your community.
  • Groups can Receive immediate feedback from polls you are conducting.
  • You can able to Build trust by providing value.

How groups will be used for business?

How to create Facebook Group?

Step 1: Click on Create and Choose Group at the Top Menu of Your Facebook Account.

Step 2: Choose Group Name and Add anyone of Facebook member as Group Member.

Step 3: Select Privacy and Create It. (Public Groups Posts can be seen by anyone. Private Groups Posts cannot be seen by anyone out of the group numbers.)

How to Increase more members into Facebook Groups?

Step 1: Invite your friends to group to Join.

Step 2: Link your business page into group. And Invite page followers to the group.

Step 3: Email your customers and leads via email to join the group.

How to make more active users in the Facebook Group?

Welcome new users and let them introduce in comments. Which will tag new users automatically when you click on Write Post. So, they will be notified that their name was tagged. It will create more engagement.

Participate in others posts of the group.

Create more conversation about your niche everyday.

What is Facebook Pages?

A Facebook page is a public profile specially created for businesses, celebrities, brands, causes, and other organizations. Page is not like personal profiles, it does not have “friends,” but “fans and followers” – which are people who choose to “like or follow” a page. Pages can have an unlimited number of fans, but in personal profiles, only 5,000 friends can be added as maximum. Pages work similarly to profiles, updating users with things such as statuses, links, events, photos and videos. This information appears on the page itself, as well as in its fans’ personal news feeds.

Uses of Facebook Page?


How to create Facebook page?

To create a Page:

  1. Go to facebook.com/pages/create.
  2. Choose a Page type.
  3. Fill out the page name
  4. Select category and click continue
  5. Upload Logo and Cover Photo and Click Next. Its Done.

How to post engaging content on Facebook?

How to use hashtags?



How to add more admins for Facebook Page?

How to invite people to follow Facebook Page?

How to connect Instagram account to Facebook Page?

How to use message features in Facebook  Pages?

How to monitor Facebook Page Insights?

How to boost Facebook Post to reach more people?

Facebook Creator Studio

How to use Facebook Stories

How to Monetize via Facebook Page with Videos?

How to recruit new employees from Facebook Jobs?

Facebook Catalogues

How to download leads from Facebook page?

Community Page

Uses of Community Pages

Facebook Ads

What is Facebook Ads Tools?

How to set up FB Ads Account?

Set Up Billing

What is campaign?

What is campaign Objective?

How to Create simple campaign?

What is remarketing?

What is Facebook Pixel?

How to Install?

How to plan your audience to advertise using plan feature?

How to create audience using pixel?

How to create Facebook lookalike audience?

How to create audience who engaged with you?

How to create conversion?

How to create Facebook Awareness Campaign?

How to create Facebook Traffic Campaign to bring more visitors to website?

How to create campaign to increase Facebook page fans/followers?

How to create campaign to get more post engagement in Ads Manager?

How to create Lead generation campaign to get more leads without website?

How to create conversion campaign to increase more sales?

How to create shopping ads to increase your eCommerce Business?

How to create campaign to increase more physical store visitors?

How to create A/B testing?

How to create Ad Scheduling?

Facebook Ad Content Ideas

Facebook Ad Library

Ad Content Ideas

Advanced report

Facebook Business

How to create business account?

How to set up ad account

How to setup billing

How to setup pages

How to setup data resources like pixel, conversion

How to give access to more people

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