Digital Marketing Workshop in Tamil

By Devarayan Padmanaban

Date: 21st Dec 2019

Venue: Hotel Vijay Park Inn Coimbatore

About Workshop

This 1-day hands-on Digital Marketing programme is designed to make learners more effective in developing and executing digital marketing strategies for various Industries.

All marketers and business owners are keen to building cyber assets such as websites, blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, YouTube brand channels and so on — only because competitors seems to be doing same. They are not into the strategy or the proper execution. The outcome such properties are diffuse and disorient their brand, and confuse customers.

Strategy is very important before you implement anything on the internet, integrates all offline and online brand assets. It should be accounted which medium are incrementing business.

This workshop will definitely help you achieve these outcomes. It will give you a clear understanding of the building strong digital marketing strategies step by step, and equip you with the tools, the important techniques and the knowledge to develop cohesive marketing strategies, and execute effective digital marketing campaigns.

Date: 21st Dec 2019

Venue: Hotel Vijay Park Inn, Coimbatore

Event Curriculam

What you will learn?

Social Media Optimization and Marketing

  • Facebook Ads
  • Learn Setting up Facebook Ads
  • Learn Picking Objectives.
  • Learn Creating Ad Sets.
  • Learn Choosing Target Audience.
  • Learn Choosing Target Placement.
  • Learn Choosing Target Device.
  • Learn Behavioural based targeting.
  • Learn Instagram Ads.
  • Learn Bidding Ideas.
  • Learn Designing Facebook Ads
  • Learn Setting Up Pixel
  • Learn Remarketing & Conversion Set UP
  • Learn Lead generation.
  • Learn Advanced demographic targeting.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Learn Basic HTML
  • Learn Search Engine Basics
  • Learn Keyword Research.
  • Learn On-Page Optimization
  • Learn Off-Page Optimization.
  • Learn Competition Analysis.
  • Learn SEO Check Tools
  • Learn Webmaster Tools
  • Learn Google Algorithms
  • Learn Local SEO.

Google Ads

  • Learn Set Up Account
  • Learn Set up Campaign
  • Learn Bidding methodology.
  • Learn Audience Targetting & Keyword Planner.
  • Learn Ad Groups Variation
  • Learn Display & YouTube Ads.
  • Learn Mobile App Marketing
  • Learn Conversion Window & Remarketing Practice.

100% Money Refund, if you are not satisfied with this workshop.

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